Our working families and our small business owners need to be treated the same as any corporate CEO.

Every year my campus runs a food drive for the holidays. It is a Greenfield tradition and is the foundation for what I believe in when it comes to taxes. Our tax code must shift to the wealthy and treat all people fairly. What good are tax rates when only the wealthy get to use loopholes.

For personal income taxes, I believe we should raise the standard deduction per tax payer to $25,000. Let us make it possible for our working families to sustain a livable life at $15.00 an hour instead of struggling to survive. 

I believe in two rates, 25% on the first level and $35% above it. 

For businesses, we all hear the stories about how companies hide money off shore and how some companies pay no taxes. That is because we do it on net income and not revenue. I believe a 2.5% business tax on revenue with all other considerations wiped away would be fair and enough. Every business, 2.5% of your revenue no matter your size. That will unleash businesses to plan and grow without worries of what will the government do next. 

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