Black Lives Matter is a Real Movement!

America has come to a time where it has finally shinned a light on the inequality in our country and the racism at its foundation. We must take advantage of this moment in time. 

Let me be clear, my local police department and the officers who respond to my school are outstanding and I could not do my job without them. However we need to look at the structure of police departments, the role of officers in local functions such as traffic and why so many times, excessive force is used.  I hope to  be a vital partner in this movement and lead the change we need and our African American community and our Hispanic community deserve.

Specific steps I would take to address the need for systemic change in our country. First we must recognize that our system has been built on racial inequality. Do you believe a situation such as the Flint MI water crisis could have happened in a white neighborhood. Our communities face generational poverty because of a system designed since the beginning of America's history on a sense of white privilege. 

Here are my areas of focus to bring change:

Make sure every American has the right to vote and it remains their right.

Eliminate private for profit prisons and mandatory sentencing guidelines.

Create a Universal healthcare system which provides wellness care to prevent diseases and covers every American.

Increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Fix public schools and provide access to college education for every person in every neighborhood.

End the tax breaks for the wealthy and fund social services.

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