Stu Starky

Let's have a serious conversation about gun violence. Everyone needs to figure out where we go from here.  The first thing I need to make clear is I am not advocating outlawing gun ownership, my opponent will tell you I am , he will scream that democrats are socialists and we want your gun.  

  • I do not want your gun or your rifle. I don't want to limit you from hunting or a day of target practice. . I want to limit the size of clips so mass shooters cannot set off 100 rounds without reloading. 

  • If you have children at home I want you to lock up your gun.

  • I want us to talk about mental health issues and about a background check and about licensing.

I want gun shops to become a part of the solution by actively participating in the gun debate.



  • Be certain of one thing, this campaign is about clear differences between my campaign and the record of Paul Gosar. Here I will lay out those differences. If you have any questions or concerns, I hope you will write to me. 

  • I have always supported a women's right to choose and always will.

  • I supported legalizing Marijuana as far back as 2004. 

  • I supprted Same Sexmarriage for the first time in 2004 years before any other person running for federal office. 

  • I believe climate change is real. 

Volunteers Packing Food


June 9, 2019

  • I believe we need to provide a Medicare option for every American who has no insurance.

  • We need to work to bring down the cost of prescription drugs.

  • Medical costs should not bankrupt a family.



June 9, 2019

  • We need to fund strong public schools in every community.

  • Our schools should lead the way in technology integration and STEM curriculum design.

  • College should be tuition free and interest on student debt should be eliminated retroactively.



June 9, 2019

My great grandfather escaped Russia, walked across Europe, got on a boat and arrived at Ellis Island with a few cents and a dream. This was the story for millions who became a part of the American story. We did not become America by building walls and shutting gates, we became America because we opened our doors. 
No one should come to America illegally, however they should not face a closed door when they get here. NEVER should a family be separated or jailed because they came seeking the same dream as my great grandfather. 
We need an expedited program for those seeking asylum, a strong work visa program and most important we need to stop using immigrants as a tool of politics with a message of hate.



June 9, 2019

There is a division in this country as those at the top 1% accumulate wealth at the expense of our working families and poor. My plan calls for a major shift in how and from whom we collect taxes.

  • The focus of my plan is that everyone is treated equally and the loopholes and offshore accounts era is over. 

  • Business taxes should be based on a VAT on revenue and not on income. 

  • The standard deduction should be doubled.

  • 5 percent of the tax revenue collected should be earmarked for debt reduction.

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